The project’s Intellectual Outputs are the following:

IO1: i-CONTENT DESIGN: A Guide for the design phase of an interactive online Course

This guide describes the process of designing an online course, specifically, how to setup the objectives and learning outcomes of the course, how to select what should and should not be included in the content, how to develop the course structure (modules, learning units etc), how to create a compelling and consistent design throughout the course, how to put in place navigation rules so that students find it easy to follow and how to make the course interactive and playful enough to maintain their interest. In simple terms this guide  provides  the knowledge on how to design an appealing course content and effective (delivering the learning outcomes) before proceeding to the development phase


IO2: i – CONTENT INTERACTIVITY: A Toolkit for the creation of interactive content

This output is a toolkit for creating interactive and SCORM content for an LMS/CMS platform (Learning Management Systems/ Content Management Systems) using a set of open source software, free ware and low cost software


IO3: i-CONTENT Gamification: A Toolkit for the gamification of an online course

Gamification is the use of game design and mechanics to enhance non-game contexts by increasing participation, engagement, loyalty and competition. These methods can include points, leader boards, direct competitions and stickers or badges, and can be found in industries including education.

Games, in any form, increase motivation through engagement. Gamification can be used in course grading. Another way of gamifying learning is by awarding learners with badges or by Integrating educational video games into your curriculum. or by promoting a little competition among learners.

There are many gamifications techniques which are supported by various plugins for LMS and CMS platforms. They are easy to use and understand making the learning process fun and motivating.

The i-CONTENT GAMIFICATION toolkit  includes  a)a selection of plugins for the purpose of gamifying online courses b)a set of comprehensive training guides on their usage c)links to download and d) examples or case studies how these plugins may be used in an LMS or CMS platform to achieve gamification.


IO4: i-CONTENT Online Course

The fourth output is an interactive online course that aims to teach the course creators how to design content, how to make it interactive and how to introduce gamification in online asynchronous learning. This course also serves as a demo where one can see the application of what is been described in the three preceding outputs.

The course is available in all partner languages (Greek, Italian, Polish and English) and consists of 3 Modules:


IO5: i-CONTENT Platform

This platform is a one stop shop for trainers to gain skills for the development of online content. The platform provides access to IO1, IO2 and IO3, access to the online course, a Forum Section and a Frequently Asked Questions section. The purpose of this platform is to provide a single point of reference to trainers wishing to learn how to develop an online course; starting from the design of an online course, to converting it into interactive content (with or without SCORM), to gamifying the learning process.