Welcome to i-CONTENT. I_CONTENT is an ERASMUS+ funded project.

i-CONTENT aims to serve Trainers and VET providers (mainly SMEs) delivering non-formal initial and continuous VET courses who wish to transform the typical classroom led course delivery into an online interactive gamified learning experience (asynchronous and synchronous learning) allowing them to meet current market needs and enabling them to target the global market.


  1. Establish a comprehensive framework enabling educators to transform courses into an online gamified interactive experience
  2. Capacitate educators to transform classroom led content into digitalized interactive content for synchronous and asynchronous learning
  3. Capacitate educators to adapt traditional teaching methods into dynamic online asynchronous learning content by using open source LMS and gamification techniques
  4. Enhance the use of gamification in Online Courses
  5. Promote synchronous and asynchronous Learning in Europe
  6. Enhance access to quality learning for disadvantaged groups and people living in rural areas