These days online courses/training have become extremely popular, due to coronavirus and social distancing. While more and more institutes and companies offer courses online, a vast group of VET institutes and trainers stay away from such methods, mostly due to the belief that online learning may not be as effective as classroom training. Other perceived problems may include the cost of the infrastructure required to deliver online courses, the time needed to transform course content into digital online, the lack of skills in the organization to switch to online course delivery and so forth.

But the reality is that more and more learners taking up c-VET or i-VET, find a lot of advantages in online learning. They wish to take a course from the comfort of their office or home, at the time of their choosing, with the option to choose only topics that they need.

As we are moving more and more towards a digital era, while globalization is an undisputed fact, VET SMEs (small-medium enterprises) could take advantage of the situation and could promote non-formal initial and continuous VET in the global market.

Time and human resources can be considerably minimized if VET institutes and trainers have access to a complete framework for the development of interactive, gamified courses by using open source or low-cost plugins and software.

i-CONTENT aims to serve Trainers and VET providers (mainly SMEs) delivering non-formal initial and continuous VET courses who wish to transform the typical classroom led course delivery into an online interactive gamified learning experience (asynchronous and synchronous learning) allowing them to meet current market needs and enabling them to target the global market