Short Description:

Quizlet is a global learning platform that provides and enables the use of attractive learning methods for repetition and memorisation of any material with the help of prepared tools. Users can create a free account or subscribe to Quizlet Plus for teachers. Subscription allows the creation of advanced learning materials and formative assessments to track user progress.

Quizlet takes information and converts it into flashcards, quizzes, games (e.g. timed games or drag and drop games) or tests. Users can create own sets of educational materials or use content from the Quizlet library. After logging in, users are granted access to Quizlet Live – a type of a quiz show in which many participants can participate at the same time. Quizlet converts information into seven different modes (six study modes and single game modes). Quizlet provides users with access to, among others: learning packages, diagram packages, study modes (including flashcards, written exercises or tests) and games.


  • Easy to use online application.
  • Many ready-to-use educational materials and interactive charts.
  • Available types of activities: tests, writing, memory games, flashcards.
  • Possibility to integrate with Microsoft Teams and Google Classroom.
  • The ‘test’ mode does not save progress (test needs to be completed at one go).
  • The memory game shows only eight pairs of cards – to learn more, different games need to be taken.
  • Additional features are not available in the free version.
  • There are five study modes (flashcards, learn, write, spell, tests) and two game modes.
  • Quizlet offers the following features: Quizlet Live, Learn, Explanation, Flashcards, Mobile, Quizlet Plus, Quizlet Plus for instructors.
  • Quizlet Live requires at least 4 players.

Guidelines for Installation

The user registers at https://quizlet.com/en-gb, after clicking on the ‘Get started’ button (Fig.10). To register, the following details must be provided: date of birth, e-mail address, username and a password; the user also has to choose the teacher or parent option, tick off the ‘I accept the Quizlet Terms of Use and Privacy Policy’ box  and click on the ‘Register’ button. (Fig. 11). Under the ‘Welcome to Quizlet’ tab, you may create a class (enter the ’Class Name’ and the ’Description’), while under the ’Select a School’ tab, you may add the name of your school, company or institution (Fig. 11).

Fig. 10. Registration page for the Quizlet platform
Source: https://quizlet.com/en-gb [access: 12/01/2022]


Fig. 11. User registration on Quizlet
Source: https://quizlet.com/sign-up [access: 12/01/2022]


Tutorial: https://help.quizlet.com/hc/en-au/articles/360040762212-Teachers-Getting-started

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Platform for Development

It is an educational platform and an application for electronic devices.

Generated Content

  • CMS compatible via the Quizlet platform
  • Compatible with LMS through the Quizlet platform
  • Compatible with Google Classroom, Remind, Microsoft Teams