Short Description:

Mentimeter is an audience engagement platform that makes it easy for users to build presentations and collect polls, data, and opinions. Presentations can be supplemented with questions, surveys, quizzes, images, and GIFs.

Mentimeter is a simple and intuitive tool that can be used in both remote and onsite user meetings. It allows users to receive immediate feedback on their questions. Users answer questions using their computers or smartphones, where they open a designated page and enter an access code received from the questioner.

Presentations, quizzes and word clouds created with Minimeter are interactive and participants’ reactions and their answers are displayed in real time, regardless of the poll type (remote, hybrid, face-to-face). Opinions are collected based on a survey in which multiple choice, scale-based, image-based, rated, or open-ended questions can be used. In the free version only a limited number of questions can be asked. However, even this version is very useful for simple polls.


  • Simple and intuitive test and poll creator.
  • Browser and mobile device-supported.
  • It enables users to create simple presentations with interactive quizzes (single or multiple choice), polls or classic slides.
  • Up to 2 slides with questions and up to 5 quiz slides can be created in the free version.
  • Mentimeter offers different opinion collection and presentation forms: e.g. word clouds, image selection, scales, answer rating (100 points), open answers, or simple quizzes. It enables teachers to verify students’ knowledge in real time.
  • Unprocessed data can be exported to an .xls file. Presentations may be downloaded as a screenshot or a .pdf file.
  • All features are available in the Pro version.

Guidelines for Installation

The user registers at, after clicking on the ‘Sing up’ button (Fig. 16). To register, the user needs to enter their e-mail address, password and user name, and then select the ’Work’, ‘Eukaction’ or ’Other’ option and confirm it (’Save selection’) (Fig. 17).

Fig. 16. User registration on Mentimeter
Source: [access: 17/01/2022]

Fig. 17. User registration on Mentimeter
Source: [access: 17/01/2022]

Official Website and link to download

Platform for Development

It is an educational platform and an application for electronic devices.

Generated Content

  • CMS compatible via the Quizlet platform
  • Compatible with LMS through the Quizlet platform
  • Compatible with Zoom, Microsoft Teams