Quiz Cat

Short Description:

Quiz Cat is the easiest way to build viral and engaging quizzes for WordPress sites. It takes just a few minutes to set up a knowledge test, trivia quiz or viral personality quiz.

Main features:

  • Multiple choice answers can be added to each question.
  • Ability to add text and images to questions and answers, which makes quizzes more engaging.
  • Quiz results are displayed on quiz completion, together with the ‘share’ button enabling them to be posted to social media.
  • Other useful features include: Quiz analysis Integration with Facebook Pixel Export to an Excel sheet.

The additional Quiz Cat features include: adding a quiz to a post via the WordPress post editor using the ‘Quiz Cat Gutenberg’ block. The quiz will be adjusted to the text box size and you will be able to include additional text above and under the quiz. Quiz Cat is fully responsive and it can be used on different electronic devices (tablets, smartphones and PCs). In Quiz Cat all text rows in the back-end support translation. This means that the majority of content can be modified in the interface appropriately to the needs of end recipients.

Fig. 5. Sample Quiz Cat view
Source: https://fatcatapps.com/quizcat/demos [access: 08/11/2021]



Simple to use and extremely versatile WordPress plug-in that gives the chance to create viral quizzes and tests.

Simple handling of basic features will allow you to create a quiz quite easily (even if you do not have much experience).

The free version is very basic and offers few features only.

Apart from adding images, there aren’t really any options to further customise the look of the quizzes.

Guidelines for Installation

The plug-in can be installed through the WordPress admin panel. It can be installed in different ways – like the HD Quiz or following the below guidelines.

 1. In the WP panel go to the ‘Plug-ins’ tab and click on the ‘Add new’ button.

 2. Then find the ‘Quiz Cat’ tab and install the selected plug-in.

Fig. 5. Sample Quiz Cat installation
Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CQe3VsX_Xag [access: 08/11/2021]

 3. Go to the ‘Active Plug-in’ tab and click on the ‘Quiz Cat’ button on the left to create and activate the quiz.

Fig. 6. Sample Quiz Cat installation (activation and launch)
Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CQe3VsX_Xag [access: 08/11/2021]

Quiz Cat installation: https://youtu.be/CQe3VsX_Xag

Official Website and link to download

Platform for Development

Compatible with the LSM: quiz creation.
Compatibility with the CMS: no.

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