HD Quiz

Short Description:

HD Quiz is a very easy to use plug-in to create an unlimited number of quizzes and embed them onto any page or post. HD Quiz is equally perfect for building professional questionnaires or fun Buzzfeed-style quizzes.

Main features:

  • Unlimited number of quizzes.
  • Each quiz has individual options.
  • Each question can have its own featured image and tip.
  • Animated gifs as images featuring questions or any answer.
  • Quiz Timer feature – users can set a time limit to complete the quiz.
  • Basic translation features (found under the HD Quiz ‘About’ or ‘Options’ tabs). 7. Ability to add links or images to quiz results or a short description to each question that would be displayed underneath the question on quiz completion.

The additional features the HD Quiz offers include the following:

  • A new question type, i.e.: ‘Choose all matching ones.’
  • Quizzes can be shared on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Each question can have its own featured image.
  • Each question can have its own featured tip.
  • Animated GIFs can be presented as an image featuring a question or any answer.
  • Possibility to share quiz results.
  • Results’ verification, correct and incorrect answers highlighted upon completion.

Fig. 1. Sample HD Quiz view
 https://designbypixl.com/the-ultimate-friends-quiz/ [access: 05/11/2021]


Very good compatibility with WordPress.

The 1.8.x version is a major upgrade. The quiz and question data will need to be upgraded if upgrading HD Quiz from an earlier version.

Continuous work on improving the plug-in gives the chance to constantly improve the content and layout of the quizzes.

Problems with handling older quiz versions after updates.

Guidelines for Installation

The plug-in can be installed through the WordPress admin panel.

  1. In the WP panel go to the ‘Plug-ins’ tab and click on the ‘Add new’ button.



Fig. 2. Sample HD Quiz installation
Source: https://fatcatapps.com/knowledge-base/installation/ [access: 05/11/2021]


  1. Go to ‘Send’ and ‘Choose a file.’

Fig. 3. Sample HD Quiz installation: file selection
Source: https://fatcatapps.com/knowledge-base/installation/ [access: 05/11/2021]


  1. Click on the downloaded zip file (HD Quiz plug-in).
  2. Click on the ‘Install now’ button.
  3. Finally, click on the ‘Activate’ button.

Once the plug-in has been installed, you need to create your first quiz by going to the HD Quiz tab and then to the Quizzes page.

Official Website and link to download

Platform for Development

Compatibility with the CMS: through the WordPress platform.
Compatible with the LSM: content management, quiz creation.

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