Sticky Notes

Short Description:

Sticky Notes is a plugin for moodle. It is an easy-to-use activity to build a post-it wall for your brainstorming, pedagogic uses, ranking, meeting, ideas organization…. You can create, update and move sticky notes in different columns as a kanban, change background color and vote for sticky notes as you wish !


When creating an activity, teacher can define which background colors will be used between the 6 default colors, and add a meaning/caption for each color if necessary. Teachers can edit any notes, while users updates only their own notes

The vote function can be enabled in order to “like” some notes.

Teacher can also enable or define :

  • number of notes per user
  • number of votes per user if enabled
  • enable the rotate effect for notes for accessibility
  • view authors (only for teachers)

During the activity, the student can:

  • create, update, delete and move his own notes
  • vote for notes if enabled

Guidelines for Installation

In order to install this plugin in Moodle you need to have administrative rights on the platform.

  1. Download the plugin from
  2. Login in Moodle with site wide administrative rights
  3. Click on Site Administration
  4. Select the Plugins tab
  5. Click on Install Plugins
  6. Under the “Install plugin from ZIP fileclick on Choose file and from the File Piker window click on Choose file.
  7. In the window titled “Open” navigate to the folder where the zipped file is located (that is the zipped file you downloaded in step 1) and click on Open
  8. Finally, click on install plugin from the zipped file and follow the steps.

Sticky Notes Setup

  1. Once Sticky notes have been installed, to change the settings of the plugin go to Site Administration, then click on the Plugins tab and then click on plugins overview.
  2. Scroll in the list to find the Sticky Notes plugin
  3. Click on Settings
  4. The only setting you can change in Sticky notes is the default colors of the sticky notes. Sticky notes offer 6 colors which you can change by clicking on the color palette.
  5. Once done click on Save Changes

Official Website and link to download

Platform for Development


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