Short Descrption:

This plugin enables learners to monitor their habits over time. It provides a flexible calendar system that can be customised to track activities on a day-by-day basis, a week-by-week basis, or over a range of days. The entry system is designed to encourage reflection on activities that are related to online learning. This can help reveal trends over time which can shape learners’ attitudes and motivation.

This is an activity module, so you must first add it to a course as an administrator or teacher. You can then create Activity Habits to track, which are visible to everyone using the activity. Learners can also create their own personal habits, visible only to themselves. They can also add a break to their habits, for example, to account for holiday time.


GoodHabits activity allows

  1. The teacher to define a set of GoodHabits that will be available for all the students to monitor their performance over time
  2. The student to specify their own set of GoodHabits to monitor their performance over time
  3. Add breaks, where the specified dates will not be available for habit monitoring
  4. The teacher to review his/her students GoodHabits performance

Guidelines for Installation

In order to install this plugin in Moodle you need to have administrative rights on the platform.

  1. Download the plugin from
  2. Login in Moodle with site wide administrative rights
  3. Click on Site Administration
  4. Select the Plugins tab
  5. Click on Install Plugins
  6. Under the “Install plugin from ZIP fileclick on Choose file and from the File Piker window click on Choose file.
  7. In the window titled “Open” navigate to the folder where the zipped file is located (that is the zipped file you downloaded in step 1) and click on Open
  8. Finally, click on install plugin from the zipped file and follow the steps.

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