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Elucidat is a cloud-based e-learning course authoring solution designed to speed up team production for high quality learning at any scale. With Elucidat, users are able to create and customize courses, control and secure content with role-based features, and measure the impact of courses. Key features include brand control, authoring and publishing controls, content management with an integrated media library, and data analytic dashboards and reporting.

Elucidat allows users to create courses from multiple tested templates and control brand elements such as logos, web fonts, and colors across multiple projects from just one dashboard. Using Author mode, Elucidat provides plenty of course authoring tools such as a layout designer or a mobile responsive editor to make sure that users produce high quality content for increased engagement. With Elucidat you can:

  • easily produce high-quality digital learning
  • build interactive, engaging and mobile-friendly Elearning – faster than ever before
  • work collaboratively and efficiently at scale
  • effortlessly manage content on a global scale using team-level permissions, brand control and localization tools
  • generate real business impact through learning
  • deliver a better ROI by producing people-centred Elearning that makes a difference
  • keep up with high demand and business change
  • respond faster to the changing needs of your business with advanced processes, workflows and templates

Elucidat offers online support via live chat, an online knowledge base, and built-in training and videos.


Give its main features, its strong and critical aspects, like documentation, settings, tools, add-ons and if possible add screenshots.

Elucidat works best for large learning teams and the world’s biggest organizations, helping them produce and manage high-quality digital learning, at scale. It is expensive, especially if you don’t produce a lot of eLearning content. The translation suite is only available to Enterprise plan users with 10,000 students.

It is easy to insert interactive elements such as buttons, flip cards and input boxes. It’s easy to manage content at scale with collaborative work and role-based development.

Detailed information on how learners interact with their course via analytical dashboards. Main features are Creating tests and quizzes, managing video and audio, and filling a course with images and text. Easy authoring, Brand control, Engaging content, Quizzes and Assessments, User management & collaboration, Content Management, Publishing & Integrations, Analysis Security

Other features (in alphabetical order):


Activity Dashboard


Asynchronous Learning

Audio/Video Recording

Blended Learning

Built-in Course Authoring

Built-in LMS

Content Library

Content Management


Course Authoring

Course Publishing

Course Tracking

Customizable Branding

Customizable Questions

Customizable Templates

Data Import/Export

Engagement Tracking


Interactive Content

Interactive Learning

Learner Portal

Mobile Access

Mobile Learning

Modeling & Simulation



SCORM Compliance

Skills Tracking

Social Learning


Synchronous Learning

Template Management


Third Party Integrations

Training Companies

User Management

Video Management

Virtual Classroom

Less experienced content developers can create high quality output.

You can create single courses that are responsive to any device. Not many options as with other authoring software to create custom interactivity or other elements.

Experienced developers may feel limited by workflow and lack of flexibility.

Guidelines for Installation

Official Website and link to download

The official product’s website and the link for download it or purchase it:


Platform for Development

Elucidat’s award winning authoring standalone platform makes it easy for large learning teams to quickly produce effective online learning that your end users will love.

Generated Content

As a next generation authoring tool, Elucidat’s platform produces high-quality, SCORM compliant HTML5 elearning content. Supporting most elearning formats, as well as advanced xAPI data reporting and mobile responsive content, Elucidat is considered as one of the top SCORM elearning authoring tools for both Mac and Windows.

For course publishing, Users can publish and release courses using an embedded web link, exportable SCORN files for any LMS or LRS, or direct upload to Elucidat Learning Launchpad. With Elucidat Analytics suite, users are able track and visual in-depth course metrics such as course engagement or device usage to identify potential content issues and resolved knowledge gaps.

Supported Specifications: SCORM 1.2; SCORM 2004; Section 508xAPI/Tin Can API